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simple living for a sustainable future  
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about us

Three of us -- Lena, Lore, and Marney -- started Simplicity Matters Earth Institute in 2004 as an offshoot of the Potomac Valley Earth Institute / Chesapeake Earth Institute in Virginia, with whom we'd been working since 2002. We are fellow travelers who wanted to share with others what we were learning on this path.

Today we are more than 30 committed volunteers, a disperse group located all over the state of Maryland and Washington, DC. We believe that real change happens within small groups engaging in deep conversations about things that really matter.

We are headed by a steering committee of six who meets every two months. None of us have formal titles, and we operate in an egalitarian fashion. Lore, Marney and Lena -- "the pollinators" -- comprise our executive branch.

We are part of the Northwest Earth Institute Sister Network. We organize discussion circles based on the NWEI discussion guides. In addition, we offer programs of our own to foster community, such as our monthly forums, our monthly announcement, and our online venues.



our mission statement

"Encouraging individuals to make informed choices for simpler and more fulfilling lives, leading to a more sustainable future for Earth and all its inhabitants."