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discussion circles: what do people say?

From participants in our 2008 discussion circles (to be updated soon to 2009!):

About Menu for the Future:

"I am much more aware of food, buying habits, ecology. I am mindful of the food I eat, and I started growing herbs. I'm aware of the things I buy, and gas consumption. I've made good friends, and look forward to groups."

"I loved this circle and this book. I didn't know anything about GMO or how farming is done. I also didn't understand how inefficient beef is. I'm now only eating meat once a day."

"This is the best NWEI course so far."

"It was so wonderful to find kindred spirits. The experience of deep conversation and sharing ideas was so much more than I expected."

"I've really enjoyed meeting like-minded people. This is my 'community' and I look forward to the discussions each week."

About Voluntary Simplicity:

"The experience of joining like-minded inviduals from our church community was the most valuable aspect of the circle--fostered dialogue and accountability."

"I would tell others that these groups can be life-changing if they are open to it."

''Reminded and reaffirmed much I already knew. I am more mindful of buying and driving habits."

This circle helped me focus on making my life more meaningful and prioritizing. The synergy of the group was very helpful and inspiring."

About Choices for Sustainable Living

"I was so happy to meet these wonderful and dynamic friends!"

About Global Warming Changing Co2urse

"We learned that we are facing a real crisis. Small individual actions are important as is action by governments, corporations and NGOs."

"I was surprised by the number of people who reported [in the final Wrap-Up meeting] that being in the circle had stimulated them to new action." (Memorial Episcopal Church)

"Best part was sharing experiences with others."

"This circle helped me move from thought to action. I felt very much like I was worrying in isolation, and this group helped me to see that there is a concerned community out there."


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