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discussion circles: what are they?

A discussion circle is a group of 8-12 adults who commit to meeting 5-9 times, weekly or bi-weekly. Their objective is to learn together and offer each other support in considering lifestyle changes leading to a simpler and more sustainable future.

In a circle you’ll enjoy the opportunity to hold deep and meaningful conversations about the topic at hand, with lots of personal stories. There is no expectation that specific lifestyle changes will be made. There is also no expectation that consensus will be reached.

Whether you’re

  • reading one of the NWEI discussion guides,
  • reading other materials,
  • jointly watching videos, or
  • learning together about a topic that your group chose,

discussing these subjects within a group will be a far richer experience than you'd be able to have on your own.

See what former circle participants have said about our circles.


join a discussion circle

Check our monthly announcement for forthcoming introductory meetings in Maryland and DC, or get in touch with your neighborhood's volunteer point of contact.

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