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discussion circles: ordering an nwei discussion guide

Book sales from NWEI

You can order:

through the following methods:

  • online (please choose "Simplicity Matters" on the dropdown menu under "organizations on credit system")
  • by phone 503-227-2807 or email a member of the NWEI Outreach Team (please mention that you're associated with Simplicity Matters), or
  • download, complete, and mail or fax this order form (PDF) to NWEI. (Please write Simplicity Matters on the form in the space under "shipping / handling.")

NWEI sells all guides for $21* except for SSW ($35). s/h (priority mail): 1-2 books, $6.00; 3-15 books, $12.00.
*On April 1, 2012, the price per book will be $23.

haring a Guide

You're allowed -- and encouraged -- to share a book with another circle participant without any additional cost. Also, we sometimes have loaner discussion guides available--please ask the SMEI volunteer introducer.

How it works in practice

"Circle Book Person": Someone will volunteer at the introductory meeting to place an order for the discussion guides for the entire group (saves s/h). We suggest that $20 be collected at the intro meeting from each participant who wishes to purchase a guide. The shipping costs can be reimbursed later.

The books will take a few days to arrive (priority mail, shipped once a week from NWEI). Circle participants will need to make arrangements with the Circle Book Person to pick up their discussion guides.

Participants should read Session 1 prior to the first official meeting of the group.

Thus, unless the circle starter has ordered books in advance to resell, there should be a two-week interval before the introductory meeting and the first official meeting (to discuss Session 1).

The group may wish to schedule a video on week following the introductory meeting, or skip that week. Please talk to your volunteer introducer about possibilities.


ordering other texts

Watching the River Flow
local supplement
to replace Chapter 3 of NWEI's Discovering a Sense of Place discussion guide: Contact Lena / 301-432-8721.

for commercially available texts, try your local library, a place that sells used books, or a local independent book dealer (many allow you to order online).

ensure that the edition you secure is the one your group will be using!

learn more:

Linda Breen Pierce's Simplicity Lessons (LBP)

Low Carbon Diet (LCD). Note: The the Empowerment Institute will always list the latest edition.