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discussion circles: what they discuss

Many discussion groups in our area choose to base their conversations on one of the eight discussion guides created and published by the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI).

Some groups seek a change in format and enjoy all or parts of the following texts (pages open in different window):

Some groups choose their own topics of discussion, without being tied to one particular text. We call them "Topics Circles," inspired by Cecile Andrews' The Circle of Simplicity. Possible themes for topics circles could be, for example:

  • Making time for what's important
  • Identifying local resources
  • Greening one's home
  • Socially responsible investing
  • Becoming more self-sufficient
  • any other aspect of the Simple Living Wheel (PDF, 95 KB).

Finally, some groups would rather watch videos together and discuss their content. Groups choose 4-6 videos and schedule their viewings and discussion.


circles forming

see our monthly announcement or get in touch with your neighborhood's volunteer point of contact to find out about circles who are about to discuss this guide. Or, order a guide and start your own.

more about these discussion guides on our site

2-sided printable descriptions of the NWEI discussion guides, with list or readings and excerpts (PDF):

other pdfs