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local events: monthly anouncement

Current issue:

May 2014 (PDF, 156 KB, opens in a separate tab).

Our monthly announcements are LONG. . . but there is a method to our madness.

Our Monthly Announcement is used to support the educational work of the discussion circles we sponsor, on various topics related to Simple Living and Sustainability. 

Once people finish a circle, they are usually looking for ways to put what they have learned into action.

People's interests will vary, as will their geography.  That is why we try to include announcements from a broad geographic area (Annapolis, Baltimore, Suburban Maryland, DC, and Frederick) and covering a broad range of events (e.g., Invasive Weed Pulls, Watersheds, Nature Walks, Vegetarian Dinners, Energy-Efficient Homes, Co-Housing, Green Building, Composting, Solstice/Equinox Celebrations, Peace Dances).

simple living wheelWe try to encompass different aspects of Simple Living, represented by the 16 spokes of the Simple Living Wheel (PDF, 95 KB).  Hopefully there is something here for everyone!


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If you have an event that would fit in our announcement, format it per our standard (consult any past issue) and email it to our editors at requesting publication. Our announcements are usually published on the first few days of each month, except for a summer and winter hiatus.

Our intrepid volunteer editors

  • Lore Rosenthal
  • Betty Wells
  • Janis Oppelt
  • Nicole Killion
  • Susan Belchamber
  • Beth Lacey Gill
  • Marj Donn


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