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discussion guides

Many discussion groups in our area choose to base their conversations on one of the eight Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) discussion guides:

  • Choices for Sustainable Living (2009), a nine-session discussion circle exploring the meaning of sustainable living and the ties between lifestyle choices and their impact on the earth.
  • Discovering a Sense of Place (2007), an eight- or nine-session discussion circle focusing on knowing and protecting our place.
  • Global Warming: Changing CO2urse (2008), a five-session discussion circle exploring personal values and habits as they relate to climate change, the current science of climate change, and individual and community level actions to curb climate change.
  • Healthy Children, Healthy Planet (2006), an eight-session discussion circle that discusses how the pervasive effects of advertising, media, and our consumer culture can influence a child's view of the world.
  • Menu for the Future (2009), a seven-session discussion circle exploring the connection between food, health, and sustainability.
  • Reconnecting with Earth (2009), a seven-session discussion circle addressing core values and how they affect the way we view and treat the earth.
  • Sustainable Systems at Work (2009), a five-session discussion circle for the workplace, designed to further sustainability initiatives.
  • Voluntary Simplicity (2008), a six-session discussion circle addressing the distractions of modern society that keep us from caring for ourselves, our relationships, and our environment.


useful links

useful pdfs:

Why Discussion Circles (PDF, 75 KB)

Northwest Earth Institute Discussion Guides: (1-page printable summary of the guides we actively promote, PDF 103 KB)

Simple Living Wheel: use this wheel to find out which guide might be of most interest to you right now (PDF, 95 KB)

About SMEI (PDF, 31 KB)