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sustainable systems at work (ssw)

Sustainable Systems at Work is a five-session course for the workplace, designed to further organizational sustainability initiatives.

For goals and topics covered, please visit the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI). There, you can also find a list of sponsors for this course, a Business Introductory Packet, and the flyer mentioned on the right.

Our volunteers aren't directly involved in mentoring this particular circle, but NWEI offers excellent instructions and support.


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Cover of Sustainable Systems at Work

local opinions about this guide

ssw evaluation form (PDF, 67 KB) - If you're sharing or re-using a guide

ssw: flyer (PDF, 895 KB) for introductory meeting, plus objectives and reading list for each session

videos about issues related to those discussed in this guide

Introducer / mentor sampler SSW 2009 (PDF, 672 KB)