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simple living for a sustainable future  
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discussion circles

discussion guides (Northwest Earth Institute). Each page contains links to documents pertaining to that discussion guide.
  • csl (choices for sustainable living)
  • dsop (discovering a sense of place
  • gw (global warming changing co2urse)
  • hchp (healthy children, healthy planet)
  • mf (menu for the future)
  • re (reconnecting with earth)
  • ssw (sustainable systems at work)
  • vs (voluntary simplicity)
  • 1-page summary of 8 guides (pdf, 103 kb)
discussion guides (not nwei). Liinks to circle schedules
  • lbp (simplicity lessons)
  • lcd (low carbon diet)
  • ymoyl (your money or your life)

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discussion guides, ordering

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simple living wheel (pdf, 95 kb)

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video lending library (being updated / webpages under construction)

volunteers (links to materials that enable these roles to be carried out)