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circle coordinators

Thank you indeed: Thanks for being the circle coordinator (PDF, 32 KB) explains the duties you've agreed to carry out.

Documents mentioned therein:

If your location is such that no SMEI volunteer is available, you'll also have to carry out some of the duties of the Volunteer Mentor. In such cases, please get in touch with the volunteer point of contact nearest you. He or she may refer you to the following:

1. How to send the Circle Contact List to the Monthly Announcement editor (contains subscription information, and enables us to keep statistics of the circles we in our area);

2. When to ask circle members to fill out evaluation forms, and what to do with them;

3. How to conduct the Wrap-up--oftentimes the most rewarding meeting of all.

We will support you even if we cannot come to you in person. We will be glad to communicate with you over the phone or via email, to make your circle experience as enjoyable as possible!

Thank you again for being the Circle Coordinator!