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Volunteer mentor

All materials associated with the different discussion guides can now be accessed from the discussion guides section. This includes:

  • introducer/mentor samplers for NWEI guides (password protected)
  • evaluation forms
  • circle schedules
  • blank forms to enable sharing or reusing of discussion guides


Print out one copy to bring:

Print out from the discussion guides section the following documents pertaining to the chosen guide:

  • Circle schedule (1 copy)
  • NWEI evaluation forms (a few copies, for people sharing books / sharing loaners)
  • GW only: Insert regarding carbon calculator, (PDF, 21 KB). A few copies for people sharing books/using loaners)

Print out a few copies (for those who missed intro meeting):


Print out 1 copy per participant (NOT back-to-back):

Print out 1 copy if applicable


Other useful materials

mentor training outline / checklists (PDF, 97 KB). Last updated Dec 2009, requires password, opens in separate window.

introducer/ mentor notes about specific discussion guides(last updated Dec 2009)

introducer/mentor samplers for NWEI guides: see discussion guides section

info about loaner books / info about how to order guides (for folks who join circle between Session 1 and Session 2, but not later)

2-sided printable descriptions of the NWEI discussion guides, with list or readings and excerpts (PDF):

For mentors only: