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tabling / events

Materials to distribute

Materials specific to discussion guides are linked from the column on the right.

Collecting info from interested people

Please make sure that email addresses are legible; to be safe, ask for phone numbers too.

Sign up sheet by topic of interest: PDF, 26 KB | MS Word 56 KB

Monthly forum sign-up sheet (Bethesda, adaptable to others)

Forum sign up sheet: PDF, 30 KB | MS Word 45 KB


2-sided printable descriptions of the NWEI discussion guides, with list or readings and excerpts (PDF):

Flyers advertising introductory meetings. Good to make a colorful bulletin board (PDF)

  • CSL (346 KB)
  • DSOP (304 KB)
  • GW ( 269 KB)
  • HCHP (293 KB)
  • MF (240 KB)
  • RE* (318 KB) - have only EDE, not updated to RE
  • VS (282 KB)